Connect On Every Level

A good story, well told, can help you find the right audience. Transactional buyers want the facts—quick and easy. Emotional buyers want deeper reasons to believe. When you share meaningful information with customers (instead of just talking at them) you get better results.

Communicate Your Value

Resonate With Your Audience

Stand Out From Your Competition


What’s in a Name?

I can’t speak for everyone with the last name Sweet, but you’ll find I do my best to live up to it. When you hire me, you get reliability, an easygoing nature, a passion for words, and efficiency developed from three decades of experience with big ad agencies, boutique design firms, and businesses across a wide variety of industries.

Words Can Make or Break Your Business

Most companies end up confusing prospects and customers—or turning them off completely—because they can’t convey written information effectively. As the language of your brand, your copy tells people what your organization is like. Most people prefer doing business with companies that are consistently smart, thoughtful, clear, interesting, and generous. What does your copy say about your brand?

Convey your brand essence

Deliver facts and context

Lead buyers to the right decision

Every Business Leader Has a Book Inside

If you’ve got a great success story, share it. It’s easier—and more rewarding—than you think. If you can talk about it, I can write it. People CRAVE good advice about how to get ahead in life, professionally and personally. If you’ve got an idea for a business or self-help book, let’s bring it to life together.

Make a big impact

Establish gravitas

Open new doors

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